Ow does the cohabitation of partners affect the children living in the home?

a? You are allowed to use more than 3 sources (5 maximum), and your Hockenbury book.
a? Sources cannot be from a newspaper or a?populara? magazine (i.e., Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Psychology Today, etc.). Also, no book reviews or editorials are allowed.
a? Do not write in 1st person (using a?Ia? or a?mea?); write in 3rd person
a? No personal experiences allowed; only examples from sources may be used; you are limited to 1 small example no longer than A? page in length
a? Conclusion: must be your opinion of your research findings and you are allowed to use 1st person here. Must be a well-developed paragraph stating more than just if you agree or disagree with your research findings; must be at least A? a page