Ow does the death of a family member or friend effect development?

Format and length of the paper: 10 points

The paper should be typed, double spaced, and include a title page with the question you are trying to answer as the title, your name, and the name of the college. You must also include a references page with the list of your sources. Be sure to proof read your paper.

Length: The paper should be 5 pages long (not including the title and reference page). Be sure you have made a solid attempt to answer your question.

Use of appropriate sources (at least 7 sources, at least 6 of which are professional journal articles): 15 points (must have reference page with sources listed in APA format -alphabetically).

Introduction 10 points

Identify your question; explain why it is worth answering. Also introduce your organizational strategy (e.g. how the rest of your paper is going to be laid out) (5 of these points come from turning in your question ahead of time)

Body of the paper 50 points

Using your seven sources, attempt to answer your question.

Look at your sources, identify key themes and then decide how to organize the body of your paper. For example, in my search for information about gender differences in math, I found articles pertaining to three themes: age related trends in gender inequities in math performance, measurement issues in looking at gender inequities, and academic self-concept in gender inequities. I would then organize my paper by focusing on these three themes, one at a time. You must cite sources in the body of your paper. This is done in APA format and looks like this (author(s), year of publication).

Discussion 15 points

Summarize what you have found; what information is missing from the research that would better answer this question, what are the limitations of the research, what are the implications of the data you have found?

Thank you!