Ow does the duty of creditors interest relate to wrongful trading?


-Introduce the topic.

-Have a background, describe the duties. I.e. directors duties, s.214.

-Describe aims of dissertation.

-Lay out structure of chapters. I.e. Chapter 2 ....., Chapter 3 ......

-Mention analytic structure. Methodology.

Chapter 2:

-Describe duties and wrongful trading

-DO NOT do just an explanation/comparison.

-Conisder difficulties with topics. I.e. one better than the other between duties and tradings.

-Who brings the duties?

Chapter 3:

-Analysis chapter.

-Bring both together, the ways of resolving the problems with the duty and wrongful trading.

-Gather sources.

-Important topics; 1) Does the duty compensate for wrongful tradings?? 2) Does it overlap?

General (throughout the dissertation)

-Wrongful tradingIs creditors interest necessary due to wrongful trading. (Prof. Sealy)

-Cambridge Law Journal 1988, p.175.

-The duties.

-What wrongful trading actually is.

COMPARE problems with duty of creditors interest with wrongful trading.

-Integrate a discussion at all times.


Companies Act 1985

Insolvency Act 1986

Directors Debts, s.214


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