Ow does the expansion of the Chinese Navy affect U.S. hegemony in Asia?

I am applying to an MPhil International Relations at Cambridge and I need an articulate, well detailed research proposal that clearly outlines the subject of the thesis and by the means to which the thesis is to be researched. This research proposal is to be put in as a part of my application to cambridge and needs to be of a high academic quality with little mistakes.

The aim of this research proposal is to look at a specific area of Chinese foreign policy (which is expansion of Chinas naval power) and how does that affect U.S. hegemony power in Asia and American foreign relations with Asian countries. Should also explore and propose realist theoretical perspective to explain the thesis and why you have chosen the realist perspective. 20-30 primary and/or secondary sources is sufficient for this research proposal.

All of the requirements for the research are on this website. Just look for MPhil international relations. pppi/cour/

Some questions that you could explore for the proposal are: What are the reasons for China would want to expand their naval power? What benefits does the Chinese Communist Party accrue from expanding China s Navy? How does the Expansion of China s Navy affect American Naval hegemony in Asia, Pacific and the Middle East? How far will Chinese Naval power expand? Will the expansion of the Chinese Navy allow China be able to become a hegemonic power in Asia? How does the expansion of the Chinese Navy affect the economic and foreign power of other Asian nations?