Ow does the Extended Day improve the achievement (academically and socially) for students with special needs?

1. Title Page (donat include title page)

2. Table of Contents

3. Abstract: One page a who, what, where, when and how

4. Introduction a Introduces the reader to your project, including school settings, conditions, students, and hypothesis of your research. [Step 1 in textbook]

5. Review of Literature a talk about the research done by others on your topic. You are expected to have 7 or more professional resources; not all from the Internet; Academic Journals, Books, Non-Print Services (interviews, surveysa¦) and the Internet (ERIC).

6. Methodology a Processes, methods, assessments, etc. of how you conducted your research. [Steps 3,4,5 in text]

7. Findings and Data Analysis a Discuss your results of your research. You may use charts and graphs in addition to text. [Steps 6 and 7 in text]

8. Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations a You interpret the results of the previous chapter, what they mean to you and recommendations for education in general. Here you may use the first person. Up to this point all chapters are written in the third person and without opinion. [Steps 8 and 9 in text.]

9. References a or Bibliography. Use APA style.