Ow does the immigration effects on the economy in America?

Term Paper question: How does the immigration effects on the economy in America?
a? You should use in text citations and end with references regarding to APA.
a? The essay should be an individual assignment of 700-750 words
a? It should be 3 body paragraphs, introduction including theses statement and conclusion that also include theses statement in a different way.
a? I need also an outline that should be look like same what I attached
a? You should include this in the term paper:
o Content & Relevance; idea development; integration of sources: All points are topic related and are explored in-depth; sources are well integrated; complex ideas are logically developed.
o Thesis structure & organization (signposting): Clear, narrow thesis with concise supporting points. Topic sentences clearly stem from the thesis. Paragraphs are well-structured and cohesive; ideas linked with smooth and effective transitions. Introduction and conclusion are complete and effective.
o Grammar and Vocabulary: Each sentence structured effectively, powerfully; well-chosen variety of sentence styles and length; Range of appropriate academic vocabulary, virtually free of spelling errors.
o Research (paraphrases & quotes) Documentation Conventions: Evidence from sources is relevant, accurate & complete; paraphrases in studentas words with structural changes; almost impeccable documentation in-text & end refs.
a? About the references it should be as following instructions:
o Maximum of 1 quote (not more than 2 lines) permitted. The number of sources used should be between 3-4 sources; including one QU data base ( #I ) and one from their textbook (I will attached the articles). All sources must be current within 20 years. Marking criteria are in appendix 4.