Ow does the levers of control contribute to strategy implementation?

I write a proposal. But it does not be passed. the criticism is UNCLEAR PROBLEM DEFINATION AND UNCLEAR RESEARCH METHODOLOGY.

1.I want the writer to write a proposal for me firstly. After the proposal is passed, I will place another order for literature review and empitical finding.

2.This must be a explanatory or exploratory . It is a case study. I suggest the explanatory one because my supervisor is relative easy. In the proposal, you must EXPLAIN CLEARLY how to research. I will attach the background part. If possible, I will attach my whole proposal.

3.You can change the problem defination or the research question. I think the research question do not derived from the problem defination.

4. last but not least, I require the writer to keep in contact with me when he prepare the proposal .because I sometimes received a unexpected one. If you begin to write it without contacting me, I will ask the adminstration to change a writer. If I ask him question, I hope the writer answer me in two days