Ow does the media encourage us to consume fashionable goods?

Description of Assignment: You are required to submit a 1200 word essay. Visual material should be included where appropriate and you should include a bibliography and appropriate referencing.

Using the title above, you should choose one of the following as the focus of your essay: *Analyse two fashion advertisements.
*Discuss the way in which a particular celebrity has been used to promote fashion.
*Discuss the ways in which stereotypes(Related to Ideology) are used to sell fashion via advertising.
*Discuss the ways in which new media(Blogs, Apps, Youtube, Facebook, Online shopping, etc.) has changed fashion consumption.

Important Assessment Criteria:
1) Explain two theoretical approaches to the study of media.
2) Explain at least two functions of the mass media in contemporary UK consumer culture.
3) Explain, with reference to at least one example, the way in which media images are a result of a complex creative and social process.