Dear Sir/Madam, first of all I would like to thank you for taking your time in helping write this part of my dissertation. I m really finding it hard and struggling through this part as I have recently had some unfortunate dilemmas and family truamas to deal with and my tutor is not being much help, if anything she is only confusing me and making matters worse, her last advice to me was to simply copy a chapter from a book as my analysis.

I have a literature review and a base of a methodology. I also have a reference of books which I am using I have attached all these for you. My main area of concern is my analysis. I m finding this extremely hard as my teacher is constantly changing the method of my study, at first I was doing a content analysis, then discourse and now and ideological and discursive analysis. She has not been much help and makes me feel like just telling her to write it.

I am mainly looking at (or trying to look at) magazines, I have limited my search to three different magazines, Look, Grazia and Now as well as this I wanted to refer to women in television also.

I have attached the documents and work I have done so far including the books I am using as reference, for the moment I only need help with my analysis. The document titled analysis 1 is part of my research I found this on the internet and thought I could possibly use this as a structure to my analysis. The bits in brackets are not academically written as yet but are my own thoughts, and what I am trying to say and what I want the piece to possibly read as. The top question is my question, but the rest of this study is basically somewhat to how I wish for my study to be like.

I have been told to write my dissertation as a desk study in an ideological and discursive way, to find and criticize others work. My teacher has asked me to follow the study in Rosalind Gill  Gender and the Media (2007) chapter 6 pg 180.

The attached documents are:

Literature review

Methodology (not complete)

Analysis 1 (as referred to above)


My dissertation is to be aimed at 10,000 words. I am only struggling on my analysis, which is a maximum of 3,000 words; I think I will be capable of coping with the rest of my dissertation alone.

I hope you can help me, and I hope this is sufficient information for you to work with.

I m not entirely sure what happens next, but I wait to hear form you.

Many thanks


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