Ow does the media report or treat violent crime

Parameters: Paper must be 2-3 pages typed double spaced
Use all Formatting rules
Point of View: first person or third person objective
Sources: Students must use at least two sources, but no more than two. MLA rules must be followed. Failure to do so will result in an automatic F for the paper.

During this unit we covered one more pattern of organization: Cause and Effect. Some of the paper topics above will lend themselves to this pattern, but do not forget Definition and Compare and Contrast. They can help too.

Library Research. Gather the two required sources and decide what quotes will be used.

Do the prewriting using either brainstorming/ mapping or freewriting techniques to narrow the focus of the argument. Write out the body points. There should be 1-3, but no more than 3 for a paper of this length.

Create a thesis statement remembering that it must include the limited subject, attitude and body points in emphatic order.

Create an outline for the essay. Remember to keep the order of the body points outlined in thesis. Place the generated evidence on the outline. This evidence must include at least two quotes from two separate sources. Remember to provide correct MLA documentation.

Write Introductory paragraph moving from general information to focused to thesis.

Write body paragraphs. Remember that the body paragraph formula begins with a topic sentence, moves to evidence and then finishes with interpretation of evidence.

Write conclusion paragraph remembering to sum up body points and restate thesis in different language.

Create the Work Cited Page according to all MLA rules.