Ow does the media shape our development of moral judgment?

about your topic: in magazines, interviews, studies, newspapers, journal articles, blogs, etc. Your goal is to have sources that cover different aspects of your question. Discovering a range of aspects to a?the conversationa? is important because, when you get to the multi-genre assignment, youall want to communicate different conversations (ideas, opinions, information) about your topic, as well as make arguments of your own.

Your research review should meet the following three requirements/goals:

1. Begin by introducing your Inquiry Question and providing necessary background information or context for your readers; this will help them understand the significance or a?human elementa? of your line of inquiry and how it has changed or evolved. (You may want to revisit your Research Preview entry in your Daybook and/or other brainstorming or process entries reflecting on your question.)

2. Next, synthesize your research and provide an overview of what you feel are the key aspects of, or a?conversationsa? surrounding, the research youave conducted. In order to do this, you must look at how all of your research connects, what patterns you see among sources, and how your sources speak to each other.

3. Select and dialogue with 2-3 sources that were critical to your research either because they offered valuable information regarding the topic, offered a new perspective on the topic, or made arguments/claims with which you either agreed or disagreed. By a?dialogue,a? I mean actually engaging with your sources in a meaningful way by introducing them in your text, summarizing the key points, and responding to specific points made or evidence offered to either agree with or question what they say.

4. Reflect on what youave found and what concluding thoughts you have regarding your research. Consider:

a? What youave learned about your topic--what new information or perspectives about your topic did you encounter? Where did this information come from?

a? What opinions you began this process with that have either been altered or reinforced by what youave learned (Explain.)

a? What opinion you now hold or what you perceive to be the answer(s)to your question (Explain.)

a? What new questions you have about the topic (As you continue working with this topic, what new questions or curiosities do you have?)

5. Cite the sources you referenced by providing an in-text citation (MLA) for summaries, paraphrases and direct quotes. Provide a Works Cited Page that follows MLA formatting and citation guidelines and lists all sources referenced within the text.

What to Avoid

1. Writing an argumentative essaya This essay is primarily explorative and should not look like a traditional argumentative essay. It should be a place to reflect on what youave found, dialogue with key sources, and consider the overarching thoughts and questions you have regarding your line of inquiry.

2. Writing a reporta Your research review should not look like a duplicate of your annotated bibliography and should look deeper into your research than simply reporting what youave found. If you are finding that you sound repetitive, then you need to speak with me about how you can work toward the goals of the assignment. This is an ideal opportunity to reflect on your research choices, to engage in critical thinking by examining and analyzing the opinions and information youave found, and also to engage in divergent thinking by considering multiple perspectives and modes of communication.

Im going to send you my Annotated Bibliography that I have already completed. I need a Research Review about it. I will also provide all seven sources.