Ow does the notion of universal human rights seek to regulate power politics

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PIR 10037 Introduction to Global Politics

Essay Questions

As a way of developing your analytical and writing skills you are required to write one 1,500-word essay chosen from the list of topics below.

The questions are offered as a provocation for you to go and think critically about them.

You must incorporate resources from the first section of the module (Lectures 1-5) in order to successfully answer your essay question.

1. How does the notion of universal human rights seek to regulate power politics?

2. Discuss Pierre Noraas contention that that a?history is produced by the way our hopelessly forgetful modern societies, propelled by progress, organize their pasta

3. Does positing a normative a?responsibility to protecta strengthen or weaken the system of states?

4. How does the legal definition of a state differ from the political reality of statehood?

5. What do borders protect us from?

6. Contemporary diplomatic practices have transformed the diplomat as a political actor in global politics. Discuss

7. How do religious beliefs affect global politics?

8. a?There is much more to existence than solely human concernsa (Dalby). Discuss

9. Can we separate economic analysis from political analysis when understanding Global Politics?


Referencing Requirements:
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Please include the sources below. Otherwise I will get zero mark for this. And also please do not hesitate to contact to me if you have any questions or need any supporting sources for this essay.

The following textbooks will also be of great help to support your work:

J Baylis and S Smith (eds), The Globalization of World Politics
C Brown, Understanding International Relations
G Frey and J OaHagan, Contending Images of World Politics
J X Inda, R Rosaldo (eds), The Anthropology of Globalization: A Reader
D Held et al, Global Transformations
B White, R Little and M Smith (eds), Issues in World Politics