Ow does the play Everyman relate to the bible?

I would like the paper to reference the similarities of the Play EVERYMAN in comparison to the bible. an example can be…..Everyman and the Bible: Exploring Good Deeds, Faith, and Salvation

You should include a Works Cited page, a complete sentence outline and at least one rough copy with your final project and. I also strongly recommend using Smart Thinking.

Length: 5-7 pages, double-spaced, font size 12, one inch margins

Follow the MLA format for all citations and your BIBLIOGRAPHY!

In addition to the text you have chosen, you must use at least two secondary sources. These must consist of scholarly articles (from JSTOR or journals) or books from the library. Other internet sources, unless they have been approved by me beforehand, are not acceptable. You may also cite other related texts or historical documents.

Some possible issues to explore: How does the historical context of the text in question shed light on the text (or vice versa)? How are religious concepts represented? What cultural codes does the text in question include or put in question? What literary techniques are at work? How can different traditions/texts be compared?

Remember that you need to formulate a thesis with which a reader can disagree.