Ow does the promotion strategy effect the customer purchasei?Y

define and analyse a complex business problem, along with an ability to integrate academic knowledge and practical applications.
a? critically assess theoretical concepts and formulate appropriate conceptual frameworks, an ability to synthesize and reflect upon a range of sources, to learn from experience and to apply theory in practical situations.
a? search for appropriate academic journals (using electronic sources such as Emerald), and to disseminate information effectively. To develop high standards in interpreting research data accurately.

Ow does the promotion strategy effect the customer purchasei?Y

the model of the research is model A(survey)
you dont do the literature review.
The topic of the research is How does the promotion strategy effect the customer purchase?”

This research can help the managers of a company who want to expand a larger market find out some useful and high profit promotion strategy

I choose Riot games ( An American computer game company) as the research target. How does Riot run League of Legends so well in the worldwide. I will focus on the action of Riot publicizing this production.

I choose questionnaire as research method for my research. The questionnaires will be going to be sent out to loyal players and people who got to know this game because of the promotion strategy. The size of the sample would be 50.