Ow does the quality of mentors reflect on student nurses grade on placement?

Has to be written in third person.

Introduction of the topic,

A background of the study,(whilst back from placement, had a discussion with collegues regarding their mentors knowledge in current practice and most the feedback was negative as some of their mentors did not have current knowledge).

Rationale for why it is so important

Formulate Research Question

Literature review (pick around 4/5 articles from CINAHL/MEDLINE )

Identify relevant research articles using CINAHL or another appropriate database. Include the keywords and search strategy used to identify your articles.

Identify gaps in knowledge/problems identified.

Purpose of the study.

Redefine the question/hypothesis if necessary

Research Design

Methodology a (philosophical perspective)

(Research approach)

(Research tradition)

Methods a Ethical clearance declare any ethical consideration

And outline data protection procedures.



Data Collection a describe data collection tool and

Provide rationale for choice

Data Analysis



Limitation of the study

Produce a time table, explore potential problem and include an estimation of resources



By doing the research i am trying to find out: having a mentor who has current knowledge and understanding in the field will benefit the students nurses personal and professional development.

All nursing students year 1, 2 &3 a longitudinal study.

Middlesex university have more clinical placements than any other universities in london (reference).

known for international students

considers ethnicity

age-group considered.

Ensure that the breadth , depth and focus of content is in relation to the question.

Knowledge and understanding of module content is applied competently to the essay showing ability to analyse relevant debates, models and arguments.

The Commentary and discussion shows application of theory to practice utilising effectively evidence/research from a range of relevant sources to show safe clinical practice.

Referencing Requirements:

Referencing system complies with the HSS Referencing and Citation style.

Lots of articles and journals as references form the year commencing 2006 ongoing, nothing before that.

Some in text referencing too.