Ow does the rise of ethical consumers effect corporate social responsibility?

Define the ethical consumer

define corporate social responsibility

then relate how the rise of ethical consumers effected corporate social responsibility and how this rise of awareness mad corporates actions change>,,...

talk about how the pressure of ethical consumers mad corporates act differently...the way they changed their advertising change the way they treat their employes..change the way they get their raw materials and how their products are being produced...

any information that is suitable and fits within context can be added too.... MUST use academic journals

this can be used too (it is interesting to witness the shift from Nikes”just do itculture to a Do the right thingculture from the abstractly amoral to the explicitly moral speech act Nike website

Here are some articles that i would like to be cited in the essay....

1) C Barnett, N Clarke, P Cloke, A Malpass Consumer Policy Review, 2005 -

The political ethics of consumerism”.

2) Christopher Hackley (1999)

The meanings of ethics in and of advertising

Business Ethics: A European Review 8 (1), 37 42.


3)Cause Commerce: Rob Densen

The Case for Aligning Corporate and Consumer Intereststhis is case must be used in the essay .. it will offer great help to who ever is writing this paper

Consumers expect corporations to practice the highest level of ethical behavior, community concern and customer

care. Densen argues that  Cause Commerce  actively and consistently communicating with consumers about

sociallymeaningful business issues  will grab attention and market share

4)Title: Corporate responsibility: The communication challenge”

Author(s): Jenny Dawkins

Journal: Journal of Communication Management

ISSN: 1363-254X

Year: 2005 Volume: 9 Issue: 2 Page: 108 119

5)Title: The problems of translating fair trade principles into consumer purchase behaviour”

Author(s): Carolyn Strong

Journal: Marketing Intelligence & Planning

ISSN: 0263-4503

Year: 1997 Volume: 15 Issue: 1 Page: 32 37

many of these artical can be found in Emerald data base