Ow does the Rule of St. Benedict schedule reflect the medieval world?

Please use these guidelines..
II. Essay Guidelines
Throughout this semester, you have written a variety of journal entries. Now that we are at midterm, I would like you to look back over the journal entries that you have written so far and choose one question that you would like to revise and develop into a formal, polished essay. As you begin this process, remember that while a journal is, by definition, an informal learning opportunity, a formal essay should be a tightly structured piece with a clear, precise thesis; logical, detailed paragraphs that include focused topic sentences; and vivid, specific evidence. Your essay should also be free of grammatical and mechanical errors. In other words, this essay should reflect your best writing.

Step 1-Choose a Question & Develop a Thesis
As you look back over your work this term, try to choose a central question from one of the class journals that you find interesting. Remember that while you may be pleased with your initial response to the question, you will probably still want to substantially revise your response as you compose your formal essay. Most particularly, you will want to make sure that you develop a precise thesis early in your essay. In order to accomplish this task, first determine the central question of the journal (it will be in bold type) and then answer this question in one precise statement. Note: as you construct your thesis, please respond to the central question of the journal. Please do not manufacture your own question. Secondly, please note that many of the journals begin with prewriting exercises such as listing and clustering. It is not necessary to include these in your midterm essay. Finally, write an introduction that engages your reader with your topic and builds to your thesis. If you need help with this process, please donat hesitate to ask.

Step 2–Develop a Supporting Structure
Now, use the body paragraphs of your essay to logically develop your thesis with supporting reasons, examples, and details. Use topic sentences to organize paragraphs and link them to your thesis. Note that many of the journals ask you to explain how a piece of art reflects its culture. A simple structure that often works well here is to describe a cultureas worldview briefly and then describe details of the art that illustrate your point. (Please see the sample for more help here.) As you write each paragraph, be sure to develop your piece in as much careful, specific detail as possible. Describe art and architecture in vivid detail. With literature, be sure to quote and then analyze the quotations fully to illustrate your point. Note: if you use any outside sources, be sure to document them correctly in MLA format. If you need help here, let me know.

Step 3–Conclude and Polish Your Essay
Finally, write a concluding paragraph that brings your essay artfully to a close. After finishing an initial draft of your essay, you may want to come see me or go to the writing center to get a readeras feedback on your essay. Bring this assignment and the original journal question with you so that your tutor can help you as much as possible. As a final step, when you are pleased with the content of your essay, be sure to proofread carefully. If grammatically correct English is a problem for you, be sure to make another visit to the Writing Center. Throughout the process, be sure to ask me for help if you have problems or concerns. Iall be glad to help you.