Ow does the teaching environment (both inside and outside the institution) influence EFL teachers motivation

Regarding the grasp of the field of study:
1. The essay must demonstrate an outstanding grasp of issues and high level of critical insights into the field of study.
2. The essay must contain an extensive, insightful and critical review of literature.
3. The essay must demonstrate high leves of creativity and independence of thought in the application of knowledge.

Regarding the understanding and evaluating research and methodologies:
1. The essay must show sophisticated conceptual understanding and high levels of critical evaluation of scholars, research and methodologies in the field.
2. The essay must show outstanding understanding of how established techniques of research and enquiry are used to create and interpret knowledge.
3. The essay must demonstrate creative and critical handling, presenting and inferring of data.

Regarding the structure, communication and presentation, the essay must show exceptional clarity, focus and cogency in organisation and presentation of arguments and conclusions.

The essay must contain an extensive literature review with properly cited and clearly indicated authors. It must also present what environmental factors ((both inside and outside the educational institution) motivate and what demotivate EFL teachers working in the UK.

There must also be an extensive list of references.