Ow does the Two Treatises of Government affect the concept of human right in modern society?

e your essay:


a? Outline your question and state why it is topical/ relevant/ important -a? you might like to spice it up by using a quote;

a? Outline clearly your main line(s) of argument;

a? Outline how you are going to tackle the question -a? i.e., in what order you are going to address the issues.


a? Make your arguments a this is likely to involve outlining variousperspectives on an issue (what have different political thinkers,

recent and/ or historical, said about the issue underconsideration) THEN stating which perspective you find mostconvincing and WHY, i.e. it fits with the empirical evidence, orits logic is most sound.

a? When outlining authors perspectives, ensure you referencethem to show where you got the ideas.

a? Dont just DESCRIBE what different political thinkers haveargued about certain issues: interpret; criticize/ evaluate; compare; give your own analysis. We want your perspective/ opinion (but your analysis must be grounded in the relevant debates and academic literature). Your opinion should be theoretically informed, empirically substantiated.

a? Bring in examples to illustrate your points, e.g. from contemporary politics (national or international).

a? Divide this section into different components, each one covering a different issue or set of issues. Clearly label these sections by signposting to the reader what you are going to address in each section.


a? Dont leave your arguments until the conclusion;

a? State what you have shown in your essay;

a? Re-state main points and arguments of the essay;

a? Do NOT introduce any new material/ new arguments;

a? Consider finishing off with a quote/ a closing sentence summing up your position/ a question;

a? Hence, conclusion likely to be at least two paragraphs;

a? Remember it is the last thing the reader remembers. Your closing impression is as important as your opening one.

Recommand reference:

John Locke: Two Treatises of Government