Ow does the way Americanas consume food, from the grocery store to the plate, reflect on Americaas larger cultural values?

You are welcome to use your own culture as a comparison, or your own experiences eating in our culture as a context by which to have this conversation. Your voice needs to be present in this paper. I want to see evidence of research, but more importantly evidence that you are using observation to draw conclusions about all that we have been discussing in class, and what you have been observing while staying in the US.
In one section of the paper I would love you to use your observations from Winco and Whole foods to talk about the different food markets in the US and the way the two grocery stores are marketing to US consumers. What does this really say about who we are and what we want?
Title : This should be an interesting title
5 pages in length. Times New Roman 12 pt font, normal margins
All three sources that are assigned for this class need to be quoted or summarized at least once in your paper.
Your grocery store analysis needs to be cited as first hand research
Your own observations of food consumption in the US needs to be present. This can be taken from Exploration Two, and your memories.
I am looking for five quotes and three summaries in this paper with proper MLA citation
A works cited page with all three of our readings on it, and your own first hand research cited. You also need one additional source for a total of five sources. (You are welcome to add more.)