Ow does the western model of Internet Banking apply to Russia?

I need a METHODOLOGY chapter.
It should include:
1 -research philosophy which is inductive and qualitative
2research design exploratory
3-qualitative research
4-a) research strategy and method semi-structured interviews with Russian experts, who hold key positions in the retail departments of Russian banks and are directly related to the development of Internet Banking in Russia.
b) research scope and choosing participants
5data quality issues
a) reliability
b) validity
c) generalisability
d) limitations
e) research ethics

all this issues should be described and justified using academic books and sources.

Ow does the western model of Internet Banking apply to Russia?

The literature review as we discussed, will cover academic articles that are related to your research questions which are:

a? To indicate what is the Internet Banking stage in Russia
a? To clarify how is the Internet Banking model different in Russia
a? To determine which western Internet Banking model can be applied in Russia (on the example of European and American models)

Thus, anything about the current state of internet banking in Russia, the European and American models, any other cases or examples of internet banking in emerging markets, specifically eastern Europe.