Ow does theory link to actions taken in a real world business environment and which leads to organisational effectiveness?

Theory Topic Case Study
Strategy Southwest Airlines
Motivation SAP and Savoir Beds

Structure of a Case Study Journal

Justify how the relevant business theory is evident in a real world business example. Discuss how the application of the theory in the case study leads to organisational performance?

Title of case study
– Introduce the case study and the relevant business theory that will be discussed.
– Address the relevant key contents listed on the checklist
– Support analysis and discussion by referring to specific examples from the case study
– Include a relevant passage from the case study with formal referencing of the case study
– Link topics and ideas so that there is flow and cohesion
– Summarise the main points. Evaluate the organisationas performance through the application of the theory discussed.

Word count:

Reference list should be presented on a separate page.