Ow does todays film in the U.S influence people perception of Chinese culture? (Please try to focus on a specific film genres)

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is an important part of the research process. Compiling an annotated bibliography requires you to go beyond simply collecting sources to engaging critically with those sources.

Annotated bibliographies can take a variety of forms, but for our project the MCWP 50 annotated bibliography assignment requires you to analyze the argument of ten sources,assess how those sources fit into the academic discussion surrounding the topic, and reflect on how those sources might work with each other in your researched argument.

To complete this assignment successfully, please do the following:

1. Decide on aresearch question and get my approval via email by i??5:00 pm, Friday, 10 April 2015.

2. Find a variety of sources that may provide help answering your research question. The precise breakdown of types of source will vary by individual research question but must include several scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources. While much of your sources will be secondary (what others have said about your topic), you must also include at least one primary source (but no more than two). Primary sources allow you to engage directly with your topic and encourage your own interpretations. Secondary sources will help with that interpretation, but remember, this is your research paper and the analysis should be your own. Including some primary sources will help create an avenue for you to include more of your critical analysis rather than solely synthesize what others are saying.

3. In the first paragraph of each entry, analyze the argument of the source using the language of The Craft of Research, chapter 7 (claim, reasons, evidence, and warrants). Do not simply summarize the source; in other words, you are explaining how the authors make their arguments (how the pieces of the argument fit together) instead of merely summarizing what they argue (the content).

4. In the second paragraph of each entry, assessthe source. Is the information reliable? What is the goal of the source and what does that show about its bias? Who is the audience for the source? What is the purpose of the source? What does the publication (publisher, media, date, etc.) of the source tell you about its credibility?

5. In the third paragraph of each entry, reflect on how the source fits into your project. Did it change the way you think about your project? How will hit help shape your argument? How will this source work in conjunction with your other sources?

6. Use MLA 7th edition (2009) citation style for the bibliographic information (available in A Writeri??s Reference).

Ow does todays film in the U.S influence people perception of Chinese culture? (Please try to focus on a specific film genres)

Research Proposal Assignment

Proposals are one of the most common types of writing people encounter professionally, whether in academia or not. How can you convince your dissertation committee that you have a good idea in mind for your research and that you know enough to get started? How can you convince your supervisor that you have a better idea for using the department funding in the workplace? How can you convince the city council that funds should be spent to convert a lot into a park in your neighborhood? How can you get the National Science Foundation to fund your groundbreaking research? Proposals!

A written proposal is meant to communicate to your reader what you propose to do, how you propose to do it, and why it is important. It is like a blueprint between you and your instructor/director/employer for what you think should be done and how it should be done. This blueprint, however, can and will change somewhat as the research progresses. What you think you will claim now, having done strong preliminary reading, may not be what you claim as you find additional evidence.

One common misunderstanding that people writing their first proposals have is that they believe they have to accomplish their entire project in miniature in order to propose that project. Students frequently find themselves writing mini-research papers in order to get their instructori??s permission to write their research paper. Instead, think about taking a step back and explaining to your reader what it is that will have to happen in order to accomplish the research project. In other words, in order to achieve the course goals for the research proposal, consider the following questions and suggestions:

What do you propose to research?
Introduce and summarize the issue/question/problem you intend to study.
What is your research question(s)?
What is your (tentative) working claim, and what are the reasons you think you will use to support that

Why is your proposed research project important?
What is the cultural context and/or social significance of the problem?
What sort of academic research has been done before, and how is it important or intriguing?
What is the academic debate surrounding your chosen focus?
What are the disciplines (and/or professions, political parties, etc.) that are engaged in that debate?
What are the contentious issues? (If there are no contentious issues, then you should revise your topic.)

How do you propose to accomplish your research?
What kinds of sources will you need to use?
How are you approaching your sources? To agree? Disagree? Contradict? Synthesize? Question?
If appropriate, how do you envision integrating your secondary sources with your primary sources?
What will your research project add to the discussion?

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Our instructor just requires as do not use any citation in the proposal and try to use our own word to do the proposal. You can use this sample as an example but do not include any citation and work cited page. Thank you