Ow does travel define or characterize modernity in Davis Martin Guerre, Woods Radiclism, Uglows Lunar Men & Conrads Heart of Darkness

Consider the mobility one finds in Daviss Martin Guerre, Woods Radicalism, Uglows Lunar Men, and Conrads Heart of Darkness. How does (or doesnt) such travel define or characterize modernity? What does mobililty mean to the 16th century French, 18th/19th century Americans, 18th century British, and to Conrad and his characters?

4 pages

Only use these Books as sources:

Martin GuerreNatalie Zemon Davis

Heart of DarknessJoseph Conrad

Lunar MenJenny Uglow

Radicalism of the American RevolutionGordon Wood

Use approximately 8  10 quotes from the books. Put the page #s & the chapters where you find the quotes next to the quotes so I can look them up in my book & make sure that my quotes are worded exactly as your quotes, & so I can make sure the quotes you are using are on the same pages as my book.