Ow does Turkey affects the Middle East and especially Syria

THIS IS A POSITION PAPERThis essay is about Turkeys current affairs with the Middle-East and how it affects the area politically, geographically, and economically. Please note that you should use sources that are currently going on and try to include key elements and turning points between the relationship of Turkey and Syria. Give out broad information about how Turkey affects the area (politically geographically and economically) but mainly focus on Syria and the current affairs that is going on in Syria and how it affects the relationship between Turkey and Syria. Since this is a position paper I stand that Turkey should not get involved with Syria due to our unstable Prime Minister.(Please do not just focus on the Prime Minister issueexplain briefly and then explain different things about why shouldnt Turkey get involved and elaborate.

I will be uploading a rough outline that should serve you as a guideline and you do not have to follow it %100 or word by wordonly to focus your thoughts about the subject. The thesis is included in the outline that i am going to send you, if you think it is false or needs an evaluation please make the necessary changes without going off topic.