Ow does underwater birth affect neonatal health and well being?

critically appraise the literature using the CASP tool and research text books.
critically analyse 2-3 articles that are good and the rest of the literature that are not good do a paragraph to say why they have been excluded.
the area of practice and topic chosen is How does underwater birth affect the neonatal health and well being?
explore the and critically appraise the available supporting evidence and determine what consitutes best practice.
use the assessment brief document for instruction on essay.

all the literatures that i have provided to be included.
please use these text books aswell
title: Principles and practice of research in Midwifery (2006), 2nd edition. author-Elizabeth R. Cluett and Rosalind Bluff. Churchill Livingston. London
title: Linking Research and practice in midwiferyA guide to evidence based practice (2000) AuthorSue Proctor and Mary Renfrew. Bailliere Tindal. London
Title; Revisting Waterbirth-An attitude to care (2011) authorDiane Garland. Palgrave MacMillan. london
titleThe waterbirth handbook-The gentle art of waterbirthing (1993) authorDr. Roger Lichy and Eileeen Herzberg. Gateway Books. Bath, UK.