Ow does US economic policy impact Asian economies

Focus on answering the following: How does US economic policy impact Asian economies for the better or worse? Start at the following website: matthewsasia.com and then begin to review this many features on this site that will give you a huge headstart on this difficult topic. The Matthews News dropdown box will take you to two recent reports on how US Fed policy will impact this area. You are welcome to use these two pieces (dated 8/30/13 and 6/21/13) as two of your sources and can use other sources from within this website along with any additional sources you may find. This might be among the most crucial global business issues we will see evolve in the coming years, including how US interest rates impact maturing and reinvested US debt held by the Japanese and Chinese… dig into it and youll uncover why the US and Asian must remain quite cozy.. for better or worse.