Ow does violent game effect to children

Worth: 30%

Length: 2000 words

Due: April 4th(please hand in paper copies at the START of lecture)

In this paper you discuss the results of your research. It will contain the standard sections of a Research Report in the Social Sciences:

1. Introduction,

2. Thesis or Hypothesis (the final lines of your Intro),

3. Literature Review (can be expanded from your Proposal),

4. Methodology,

5. Findings,

6. Analysis/Discussion,

7. Conclusion (notes on problems, limitations, and ideas for future research).

To help sum up your Findings, you may wish to include a Chart or Graph. Of course, select one that fits your project and Method. Nominal values cannot be represented meaningfully in charts. You may include as many Charts or Graphs as needed, but avoid numerous, unnecessary ones.

You may present Charts or Graphs as Appendices (ie, after the essay text, at the end).


Clearly present your Topic and Case Study (ie, UTM studentsa opinions on watching football coverage). Make the reader care. State why it is important. Finish with your Hyphesis


ie, I hypothesize that public opinion is negatively affected bya¦.)

ie, This paper hypothesizes that the governmentas use of a?Climate Changea? as opposed to a?Global Warminga? takes the blame off of people.

Example Titles:

Canadiansa Views on Depictions of Drug Use in Television Comedy

Social Media Use Among UTM Students Whose Parents Immigrated

Television Viewing Habits Among Sheridan Media Arts Students


You may migrate your Lit Review from your Proposal, but update it and make it relevant to your study. Some sources may no longer apply, or may contradict your claims. You can note that. You can aim to prove them wrong, or use them for support.


What method did you use? Describe it, and explain why it was apt. Why was a Survey used, and not a Focus Group (if that was your choice)? What did you do to get your data? You can present it like a story.


What results did you get? Where the data clean or was there confusion with the questions or answers? You can note some issues here, but more issues in the Discussion and Conclusion. Overall this section can be brief but should be interesting to readers.


Here, you reflect on previous research, what you found that was the same or different, what worked and what didnat work, and what your findings might mean about a?broader social trendsa?a if indeed you are looking at a question that is connected to trends (ie, fewer people watch CFL Football perhaps bec


Wrap it up. Shut it down. Summarize what you set out to do, what actually happened, and what perhaps surprised you, but avoid simply repeating earlier sections. Instead, reflect on issues, limitations, and propose future research (ie, the questions you would like to address next).



Reference the course textbook in your paper.

Reference at least 5 outside sources, academic (books, journals)

Popular press (news, magazines, websites) can be used only in addition to the required academic sources.

Utilize APA documentation style (e.g. APA.org). Avoid FOOTNOTES except to explain issues or complexities. Do not source/cite in footnotes.

Include a bibliography of your 6+ sources.

Avoid block quotes.

Avoid too much paraphrasing (quoting sources with page #s is preferable)

No Title Page Please. (save the trees)

*Integrate ALL quotes (quotes cannot stand alone in your essay):

As Smith (2000) says, a?representations of history are biased in favora¦.a?

a?Representations of history are biaseda? (Smith 2000). As Smith says,a¦

208 gives you the opportunity to explore a topic that interests you. Draw on your backgrounds, experiences, and interests to develop your topic.

Aim for clarity in your report. This aim may mean shorter sentences. If you have writing issues to solve, please seek help at UTM. There are services through the UTM Library.

Late assignments (including those handed in any time after the beginning of lecture) will be docked 10% per day and may be returned to you without comments.

Get in touch with any topic changes, issues or questions!