Ow does volunteer service fit in with your professional career objectives and interests

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Growing up in a single-parent home, I quickly learned the differences between necessity and desire. Although my mother worked extremely hard to ensure that my brother and I were very well taken care of, it was obvious that this was done at the cost of her own needs. I vividly remember multiple instances of my mother  sucking it up and delaying seeking medical treatment for herself because the associated fees were never something she could readily afford. Unfortunately, my mother remains to be just one of millions of Americans who have foregone necessary medical treatment due to fear of financial burden. In my particular experience, we were very lucky to have friends of family members in the health field that often provided us with huge discounts and reasonable payment plans. Till this day, I remain very close to them and my family continues to be forever thankful. In retrospect, much of their self-less acts of generosity and care contributed greatly to my early passion and interest of pursing a career in the health field.