Ow Does Weather and seasonal Festival Affect E-commerce sales


As since this is a dissertation, i expect a top to toe finishing include cover page and etc.

I will be uploading a few documents, as the first orders dissertation structure was based on writers style. I am required to follow our tutors instructions to write the MMU style of dissertation, In the folder i am going to upload please take a look at Important Parts.docx

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Please take a look at the examples i will be including.


This will be another 5000 words of order which makes 10000 words dissertation, please help me to merge order 1 and this order together and provide a ready-to-hand-in dissertation.

Ive no specific instructions as i think the writer will have to complete what ever it was not. Please check Important Parts.docxfor dissertation wording break down.

Please use more of Saunder 2012 references.

Please please mr/ms #114233 please take a look at the files ive sent you as we need to follow the style and structure of our tutor told.

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