Ow does Wholefoods use its sustainable and ethical business practices to motivate their employees?

This is a Research Methodsproject and marks are given on how well the student has researched their questions using a variety of research methods including primary and secondary research. i.e. survey, questionnaire, interviews.

This means you will have to go to Wholefoodsand interview employees.

If you do not have access to wholefoods, please think of a suitable company and replace it with wholefoods. Or if you have another business related research topic in mind. Please confirm this with me before you start writing!

You are including the following sections in this Report:
Literature review
Discussion of Findings

Please refer to the attached document for more detailed explanation of what is required in each section, marking criteria, structure and word count.

You MUST follow the criteria and structure outlined in the attached document.

Referencing Requirements:
The more the better.. this is all about RESEARCH METHODS! Primary, secondary and other.

References are not included in the word count