Ow does XML improve and enhance the e-business framework?

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and how SD can show the improvement in the business process.
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4. You should include some prographe about the use of system dynamic in the introduction, Discussion and Evaluation, and the conclusion.

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Ow does XML improve and enhance the e-business framework?

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The extensible markup language (XML) is a promising standard for describing semi-structured information on the Internet. In this paper, we will illustrate how XML supports Aggregators in the large number of websites through the World Wide Web. In addition, XML allows different types of customers to access various databases to extract the details about various products according to their requirements.

This dissertation will include and describe the implementation of the electronic business XML (ebXML) and how ebXML is being used in a traditional environment. Also, we aim here to focus on XML based e-business frameworks supporting the original business processes.

6.out line:

A... Introduction to XML standard:

 How XML become standard? (Easy, sample....)

 Why Electronic Business?

 What XMLs added value for the business?

 ebXML improved the business overall.

B... Related topics :

 Scope of XML ,

 Areas of XML interest, (Customer services, Marketing-deployment-, Relationship Marketing-between organizations-).

 How to create a way for companies to trade globally?

 Few examples.

 Aggregators software

 What do aggregators do? [Provide and supports]

 Few examples like google and My Yahoo portals

 Electronic Business XML (ebXML)

 ebXML support business processes  process complete if both order confirmation and ship delivery have been received.

 Using any UML diagram illustrate few processes like (Mobile market, travel ticket).

 What is the techniques used for improving the performance of electronic business processes by the use of XML implementation (SCM, JIT).

” Costs

” Benefit

” & & &

 What is supply chain management and how its effect global market?

 What XML will do for supply chain Management?

 Where XML can help e-business processes?

 How ebXML provide a business framework to improve the overall processes?

 Using methodology to illustrate the improvement in business.

 System Dynamic Approach

 System view

 Using methodology to illustrate the improvement in business.

C.. Conclusion.