Ow does Zana briskias presence benefit not only to the kids but also to the multi award-winning documentary?

Hello I would like to have two parts of this essay developed. First part would be to talk about how the audience is entertained with the documentary how it tells us a story this part should be of about 350-400 words. The second part should show us how Zana Briski helps the children, it should also be about 350-400 words. This is the link to the documentary : watch?vhWpgbukKAhM there are several parts, you should focus on all the documentary. I am not looking for an pinion on the matter just to analyze and talk about the documentary. thank you

Admins: this paper needs a complete re-write. It has to be based on the video specified in the order instructions. There should be examples from there. the arguments shoudl be pushed and backed up by the documentary. the deadline will have to be negotiated.