Ow dose lack of education contribute to racism, intentional, and unintentional insensitive acts?

Essay format
Essays will have…
-An introduction, three supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.
-A thesis in the 3-point format.
-The thesis and restating of the thesis are in the correct places in the paragraph (In the introduction, the thesis should be in the last sentence. In the conclusion, the restating of the thesis should be in the first sentence of the conclusion). If in doubt, underline the thesis and restated thesis.
Stylistic Format
Essay will be in…
-Times New Roman
-size 12 font
-1.5 spaces between each line.
-No extra spacing between paragraphs
-The name of the student will be in the upper left hand corner
-The time will be in the middle of the page.
Grading rubric:
3 points for correct citation.
2 points for 3 sources.
2 points for correct essay format.
3 points for correct stylistic format.
5 points for quality of writing and how well the question was answered.