Ow DSLR cinematography is affecting the aesthetics of motion picture for cinema.

I am applying for a PhD by Practice in Film, because it gives me the opportunity to make a short film, or feature film or other practical works in support of the research which is something I am interested in.

I already have several research proposals written and have received comments from the professors. I would like to send you these so you can see how I have changed my idea and also you will see what the professors are looking for.

I am interested in the following topics so you can pick which area is best;

How DSLR cinematography is affecting the aesthetics of motion picture for cinema.

How has the popularity of the Digital Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera given rise to independent filmmakers?

How the DSLR has affected the hitherto a?accepteda aesthetics of traditional film?

Korean Cinema

Hong Kong Cinema

Do DSLR cameras represent a potentially democratizing influence in filmmaking making filmmaking accessible to a wider audience? And if so, how does this impinge upon an already established industry of professionals?

Cinematography a How framing and motion in terms of camera language builds emotional responses with the audience. (Kubrick, John Woo, Christopher Doylea¦)

Cinematography Christopher Doyle and his films with Wong Kar Wai

Asian Genre Movies (Horror, Kung Fu, Action, Fantasy)

Aesthetics of DSLR cinematography in achieving a cinematic look on a budget.

DSLR cinematography and the aesthetics of visual culture.

I plan first to shoot a collection of the same scene using three different mediums; film stock, digital cinema camera (RAW) and DSLR (compressed). I will then directly compare the aesthetics of each medium and analyse the differences in-depth both creatively and technically finding out what the similarities and differences are between the mediums focussing on their look and their aesthetic quality. My goal is to make either a short film or feature film as the end project.