Ow effective are Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (Asbos) In punishIng crimInal Behaviour and in deterrIng crimInality and re-offendIng?(Uk)

i am writing an 2750 essay about anti-social behaviour and i have chosen the topic on asbos.(For UK system)
i will need the writer to write me an essay plan. which include what issues and points will be include in the essay. how the essay will be structure within the 2750 words. For example, we could focus on the sociology view and the law view. how ever i am a law student so i would like to refer more on the law field.perhaps the legislation issue or anything related to law. of course the topic is about how effective so i will need the essay to include the critics of asbo and the good side of it.
the reason why i am asking only for an essay plan is because our tutor request us to hand in an essay plan first. then she will give me some feedback. then i will ask the writer to write the 2750 words for me. So i have to hand in the plan first and wait for the feedback. See if she can give some good ideas as she will be the one who mark it, it is better to write according to her taste
as much as possible