Ow effective are dual use leisure facilities in the UK

How effective are dual use leisure facilities in Oxford? / What are the factors affecting use of dual use leisure facilities?

Define dual use facilities (what are they.)

Define oxfordwhat area are you using

Causal Flow chart


Type of facility (school/church)

Years (number years in operation/affects type, location, access)

Cost (price of using facility)

Activities (type of activities held at the facility)

Capacity (how many people the facilities can accommodate)

Parking (schools-2hr parking n surrounding area)

Average household income

Public transport


Definition of variables

Variable chart of logical connection

X Variable
Key word Y variable
keyword Logic of connection
Years Location Longer-established facilities may be located in urban rather than rural areas
Years Type The longer established facilities may be indoors rather then outdoors
Type Capacity Outdoor facilities may have greater capacity

Location Parking Rural locations may have more parking spaces
Location Capacity Rural locations may have more space for users than urban locations
Parking Users Facilities with parking may generate more car-borne users
Years Users Longer established facilities may have built up a stronger public profile
Capacity Users Facilities with greater capacities may generate more users

Time Table (diary)

Dual use leisure facilities have increased in popularity but concerns such as costs, liability and security frequently prevent after-hours recreational use of facilities. This fact sheet from the National Policy and Legal Analysis Network (NPLAN) provides information to help city, county, and town governments utilize joint use agreements to partner with school districts and expand the availability of places to be physically active