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ic relevant to your programme pathway. Write a proposal for a planned project you will undertake as your final year project/dissertation. In this case, your final year project/dissertation will be an integrated literature review on a topic of your choice but with clear relevance and application to practice.

The proposal should map out your question, explaining why the question is important to you, and the steps you will take to try to answer the question.

Note that the proposal is not the same as the a?finisheda work you will submit in for the Dissertation Module.

Write your proposal for the Critical Review of Literature using the following format:

o Introduction (300 words) Introduce an outline as to what the assignment is all about.

Explain what is a literature review? What is its significance in the present health and social care environment?

o Background/Justification (500 600 words):

Brief review of literature to focus on what is known, what is lacking and what needs to be explored.

o Aim, Objectives and purpose of the proposed review (200 words):

State the review question and describe how it was formulated.

o Methodology: Discuss the methods of searching/selection of literature that you plan to use to answer the formulated question. (1000 1200 words).

Search Strategy: Describe how you would search and select appropriate research articles/reports for inclusion in your review.

Discuss the type of literature that you plan to search for.

Discuss the sources of information such as library materials and databases.

Explain the inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Critical appraisal: You will describe and discuss how you will assess the quality of research studies you select.

Reading/reviewing of papers to extract data focus on research aims or hypothesis, literature reviewed, research design and sampling, instruments and procedures used to collect data, reliability and validity considerations, how the data were analysed and the results or findings and interpretations of study findings.

Data Extraction: Discus how you will summarise the information a use tables, note pads, concept maps and cards. Comparison across studies.

Synthesis: Discuss how you will synthesise the results/data; critically analyse what statistical or synthesis methods and how they may be used.

Plan the writing of the review and critically evaluate ita divide the literature into themes or categories/ chronological presentation; explore and examine the theoretical/methodological bases.

Briefly discuss the ethical implications of your review.

o Results and Discussion: Discuss the expected o

Referencing Requirements:

Havard sytem reference