Ow effective are the attempts by the law to regulate social media ?

Please use as much ENGLISH LAW & LAW CASES as possible . (Harvard Referencing )


To fulfil the assessment requirements of this module students MUST:

1) Write an in-module individual assignment on a research based project demonstrating an understanding of a legal topic relevant to the media industry. This should be a maximum of 2000 words in length and represents 30% of the total module marks.

Deadline for submission of assignment: 9th March 2014 by 13.00 p.m. submitted via Turnitin.

2) Do an end-of-module examination. The examination represents 70% of the module marks. Students may bring 4 sides A4 notes into the examination.

Assessment Criteria

a? Understanding: of the assignment and examination questions and legal concepts inherent in the module.

a? Research: evidence of use of range of research sources to produce a clear and accurate presentation of the relevant legal issues.

a? Analysis: relevant legal rules / issues applied effectively in dealing with issues raised in the case study.

a? Structure: the content is organised in a coherent way.

a? Clarity and accuracy of written English: Grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct.

a? Presentation & Communication: the look, the layout and the impression it gives.

a? Participation: actively taking part in the taught sessions and independent study



Either access one of the following Internet sites and write up in max 2000 words a comparative piece in a clear style and with appropriate UK law references, an explanation or analysis of a topic found there:

1) Choose any topic from the areas we have studied a perhaps linked to a case or an area and research it and write this as an essay. It does not have to have an international dimension but it cannot merely be a rehash of your lecture notes.

2) Australian Press Council au

Look at recent adjudications and consider the cases until you find one that interests you. Explain what the issue was concerned with and how it was resolved. Compare the approach of the APC with the possible outcome of a similar matter adjudicated by the Press Complaints Commission in England and Wales.

3) European Court of Human Rights. int

Follow the Human Rights link. Go into recent judgements and select one that relates to the media or some other aspect of human rights that interests you. Explain what the issue was, how it was dealt with and what you think its significance is for the media or human rights issues in England and Wales.

4) Newspapers or broadcasters abroad. Using the information on your chosen site, find an item with a legal dimension or a media ethics issue. Explain what the issue concerns and relate it to (possible) similar issues in England and Wales.

5) Or select a media topic or case which interests you and consider this from an international perspective.