Ow effective has the IMF been in helping countries in financial difficulty?

How effective has the IMF been in helping countries in financial difficulty?
1. Write a well-written, well-presented, focussed, structured and documented one page paper relating to the above mentioned title;
2. Demonstrate your knowledge of the facts and your understanding of those facts in a greater context.
3. Use no less than 3 items/ refernces;
Structure of the answer to this essay question:

a? Statement:
State the key message of your answer
a? Qualification, specification:
Give more detail on your answer.
a? Arguments or examples in support of your statement
Support your answer with sound arguments. Pay attention to words such as a?explaina, a?argumentsa, or a?elaboratea. Remember that a simple sentence will not suffice. You are reminded to support your answer with arguments, reasons, or examples. Weigh arguments in favour and against a position. Examples too can help you to show what you mean. Focus, at all times keep in mind that you are answing in response to an open question.
a? Own contribution:
Give your own examples, or comparisons with other cases. Show that you have understood the subject matter of the title and can to more than reproduce what was treated in the texts.
a? Conclusion:
why do your arguments support your statement and not others, balance of arguments for and against this conclusion?
a? Opinion:
In as far as this is appropriate; you can then add your own assessment or opinion. Your own opinion can be the icing on the cake, but first there has to be a cake. Give an opinion that is appropriate or expected with factual questions with objective critiques and supports.