Ow effective is a Contracting Office Representative in the Federal Government

This is a research project that will consist of at least 3-4 parts. Part 1 consist of Research Question and Subquestions. The topic I have chosen deals with government and state contracting(acquisiton/procurement) and the problems of the contracting officer representatives.
I will attach a study done by the merit protection board, as well as my questions and subquestions.

Please change these according to your research.

I will also attach a guide to follow when composing the paper. a sample paper will also be included which shows the format.

I am required to identify a problem then research write question proposal, detailing what the
research project will entail.

The research question and subquestions proposal consists of:
1. Topic
2. Statement of the problem
3. Specific research question and subquestions to be addressed
Research Proposal (Chapter 1)
Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the DRP. This chapter serves as the studentas research
CHAPTER 1: Introduction
After the research question and research subquestions develop the complete introduction

This provides the reader with
a summary of the candidateas research. In it, the researcher outlines the research problem, the
research questions that need to be addressed to resolve this problem, methods the researcher
has chosen to gather data to answer the research questions, and possible implications of
resolving the research problem. Thus, Chapter 1 consists of:
1. Context of the problem (background information and introduction to the problem)
2. Statement of the problem
3. Specific research question and subquestions to address the problem