Ow effective is cognitive behaviour therapy compare to other psychological therapies and pharmacological options in treatment of postnatal depression

i  Write about the literature and how it relates to others

i  Integrating it into an argument

i  An interpretation and synthesis of research

i  Demonstrates how the problem under investigation relates to previous research

i  Compare the findings of others

i  Synthesis of the work of others

i  Learning from others in the field

i  Expanding the view of the field

i  Familiarising with different theoretical perspectives and parallel developments

i  Demonstrate abilities as a researcher

i  Detailed knowledge of the topic

i  What is the purpose of the review?

i  Give an overview of the a?biga issues in the field

i  Summarise others work

i  Provide a context for your work

i  What do I know about the topic?

i  What I am looking for in the literature is...?

i  What are the schools of thought in the literature?

i  The great debates in the area are...?

i  What were the research aims and objectives?

i  What were the outcomes of the research?

i  What approaches/methods/strategy were used?

i  In what context was the research conducted?

i  What was the contribution to the field?

i  Does it have any connection to my research question?

i  Why is this subject important?

i  Who else thinks itas important?

i  Who has worked on the subject before?

i  Who has done something similar to what I am doing?

i  What can be adapted to my own study?

i  What are the gaps in the research?

i  What specific question will I answer?

i  Select area for study

i  Set boundaries

i  Work your way through the literature

a?As there is a vast amount of research which is relevant to ....I will concentrate on...a

i  Select research/studies which are relevant.

a?This I will outline then examine criticallya

i  Literature reviews include definition, background and chronology

i  Not just a summary of others work

i  Link the literature

i  Critique the literature

i  Define the gap in the literature

i  Example.....

Internet research

i  Relevant information

i  Type in subject in Google bar

i  Look for abstracts

i  Note title & author

i  Name of periodical

i  Library access

i  Request article from library a this may take 3 weeks or longer The Internet can provide access to a range of data sources

i  Also unsolicited resources e.g. chat rooms, blogs, bulletin boards

i  Internet mediated interviews & topic discussions

Referencing the article

i  Electronic sources

i  World Wide Web

i  Author/editor, initials. (Year) Title [online]. (Edition). Publisher (if ascertainable). Available from: URL [Accessed date].

i  e.g.

i  American Civil Liberties Union (1997) Fahrenheit 451.2: Is cyberspace burning? [online]. ACLU. Available from: info.lib.uh.edu/pr/v8/n3/smit8n3.html [Accessed 29 September 1997].

Research materials can not be older then ten years