Ow effective is peer mediation at addressing the level of violence in diverse, urban middle schools in the United States?

gths and weaknesses should also be included. Students are encouraged to follow Creswell (2013)i??s recommendations for a comprehensive proposal, found in Chapter 4. A detailed rubric for this assignment can be found below.

Exceptional Research Proposal

Writing an exceptional research proposal requires detailed thought. The steps below may help you with this.

1. Familiarize yourself with your literature review and the ASCA National Modeli??s Accountability quadrant, then explore research problems in need of study in these areas.

2. Determine a research problem to study and write a purpose statement and accompanying research questions.

3. Choose a theoretical perspective to use in your study.

4. Based on your purpose statement and questions, as well as potential constraints, select a research design for your study.

5. Determine your target population and sampling method.

6. Select data collection instruments and procedures.

7. Review your study for ethical considerations

8. Write steps 1-8 into a proposal, including your revised literature review and a detailed plan for conducting your study.

9. Add a brief evaluation of potential strengths and weaknesses of your study to your proposal.

Grade Rubric:

Criteria Points Earned Points Possible

Followed basic instructions: revised literature review, included all key parts of a proposal, evaluated proposed study. 5

Proposed a relevant, feasible study related to the Accountability quadrant of the ASCA National Model. 5

Identified a research problem, purpose statement, and research questions. 5

Identified appropriate research design, sampling methods, data collection measures, and data analysis. 5

Overall readability, clarity, grammar, and APA style 5

Summary Total Total 25 points

I have a literature review with my professors comments that needs to be revised and included in the proposal instead of you writing a new on. I will attach it in my personalized order tracking area.
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I attached 3 files: 2 pdfs with feedback from my professor about my literature review. My literature review needs to be revised per her instructions and included in my research proposal. Please feel free to add new research articles that will strengthen the proposal and paper. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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Please find the requested revisions below and to the updated paper I m going to attach. Please make the revisions to the attached paper because I had to correct the grammar and some awkward language as well as some things that did not follow the APA format. All revisions relate to the original directions. Somethings were not written about in depth enough and Ive asked you to expand on them. Thank you! 1. In APA the abstract is supposed to be included at the beginning of the paper and is supposed to be about a 150 word summary of the entire paper (about 3 paragraphs). It should include original thinking with criticisms (at least 2) and compliments (at least 2) of the paper. Please update this. 2. In the original instructions I attached a document that asked that after discussing the findings in each of the studies, please write a critique of the findings. There should be at least a paragraph explaining and answering the following: Were the sample sizes in the study large enough? Were the instruments sound? What would have made the study stronger? You included only one sentence at the end of each study and this was not a sufficient critique. Please look at the paper to see where to include this. 3. There were numerous grammatical mistakes that I had to fix. 4. Please define the keywords within the paper 5. Can you please discuss the target population and accessible population 6. For the sampling method: Will all students in a school be included? If not how will they be chosen? What region will they be chosen from? What is considered urban? 7. Can you go more in depth about the data analysis procedures? 8. Ethical considerations section: Please include at least two more ethical considerations in this section here to make the paper stronger. You only included 1. 9. Please expand on the last paragraph. You included 2 limitations to the study. Please include at least 3. Also, please discuss 3 strengths of the study. 10. Lastly, the flow of the literature review is off. Can you please reorder it so that it starts with studies about violence in schools, then lead into how peer mediation can address violence in schools, then present the findings from peer mediation studies.