Ow effective is terrorism legislation with regards to restraining terrorists?

The learning outcome which informs the marking scheme is set out below.

The Learning outcome for the dissertation is:

On successful completion of this unit students should be able to:

1. Identify and use a research methodology (which may include a contextual and/or empirical dimension) appropriate to meeting the research objectives of the dissertation.
2. Display evidence of independent research through proper citation and discussion of relevant legal authorities and other primary and secondary sources.
3. Provide a clear explanation of the area or areas of the law relevant to the dissertation.
4. Demonstrate the ability to subject the law to effective critical analysis which, where appropriate, involves the synthesis of legal and contextual issues, and to formulate appropriate conclusions and recommendations.
5. Adopt a structure and writing style appropriate to a legal dissertation at undergraduate level.
6. Produce a word-processed dissertation of 8000 words.
footnoting and paragraph numbering