Ow effectively are uel undergraduates planning their future lives and careers

Analysis of data generated through small-scale research employing at least two different research methods (e.g. survey, observation, use of quantitative data sets). Presentation slides to summarise the research

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Ow effectively are UEL undergraduates planning their future lives and careers?

oints. 6. Conclusions and limitations.

You must have one document including the slides to submit to Turnitin.


The Portfolio should contain the following:

Part One a small-scale research project

* Title page with the details of your chosen research question

* Contents page

* Introduction to the topic and research methods

* Findings a set out your data from each method of data collection and comment on the data

* Analysis and conclusion a develop the themes that have emerged across the questions and from different data collection methods. How have you answered the research question

* Reference List a mainly research methods texts

* Presentation slides in handout format

NB. More detailed a?Assignment Instructionsa follow the assessment criteria on page 8. That section will tell you about presenting your work, where to find skills advice, the rules about the word count, using Turnitin and submitting your work. The section is very detailed but it is important that you have studied these details before you submit your work. You will also find the guidelines in case you have to claim extenuating circumstances, do a re-assessment or make an appeal.

Assessment criteria

These are the criteria we use to assess your work, but it is important for you to use them as a checklist as you are writing and before you submit. Under each criterion below, we have set out some features that we are looking for in your work. Does your assignment have the following features?

Assessment Criteria for Assignment 2

Application of Appropriate Techniques (30%)

Did you:

Employ at least two different research methods?

Explain how you arrived at your research design?

Explain how you collected and recorded your data systematically?

Include quantitative data sheets in the appendix?

Logical Sequence and Development (20%)

Did you:

Introduce the research?

Include a section on research methods?

Include a section to show your findings?

Include a section of broader analysis?

Include a conclusion?

Include a reference list?

Include Presentation slides in handout format?

Evidence of Background Reading (5%)

Did you:

Cite research-methods books in the text, using author surname/s and date

to explain and justify your research methods?

Include page numbers in in-text references where you have used a quotation?

Have a reference list at the end, using Harvard-style layout?

Include all the in-text references in the reference list at the end?

Refer in the text to all references shown in the reference list?

Not rely on questionable Internet sources?

Appropriate Depth of Critical Analysis (40%)

Did you:

Justify your chosen data collection and sampling methods and explain why these have been preferred to alternative methods?

Present your quantitative findings clearly and systematically, using charts and graphs?

Present your qualitative findings clearly and systematically using a rigorous structure?

Comment on the interesting and surprising aspects of your findings?

Analyse the data using a variety of variables?

Analyse your overall findings comparing qualitative with quantitative data?

Conclude with your insights into the research question and how far you have answered it?

Summarise you research thoroughly but succinctly in your Presentation slides?

Writing and Presentation (5%)

Did you:

Use accurate spelling and grammar?

Present your writing attractively and consistently?

Present the PowerPoint presentation handout attractively and clearly?

Assignment 2

Typical performance at different mark bands:


Mark (%)




Provides a highly focused, well-planned piece of research with very clear justification of sampling and data collection methods and good evidence of background reading. Presents and analyses findings in a very rigorous and systematic way with coherent conclusions. Excellent use of PowerPoint or Word to summarise research in a presentation slides.

Very well organised and presented with almost perfect spelling and grammar. Referencing almost perfect



A focused and planned piece of research, with some justification of sampling and data collection methods with evidence of background reading. Presents and analyses findings with some rigour and reasonably systematically with conclusions drawn. Good use of PowerPoint or Word to summarise the research. Mainly well-referenced

Well written and presented. Mainly accurate in spelling and grammar.



A reasonably clear justification of methods and analysis. Findings shown clearly. Maybe not so rigorous in analysis. Conclusions may not be well enough developed or fully coherent with the findings. References used, but may be some inaccuracy. PowerPoint slides summarise the research, but may have deficits in content or be less well presented

Reasonably clear and accurate presentation. Mainly well-referenced but maybe with some flaws.



Provides some account of the research methods used. Some findings are presented and some attempt is made to comment on the findings, but further analysis may be weak. PowerPoint or Word slides to summarise the research may have problems or be absent. References may be inadequate or inaccurate

Adequate presentation, but there may be some errors of spelling and grammar.



Some requirements of the assignment not covered or covered very vaguely or inadequately.

Methods not covered in enough detail. Research does not appear to have been carried out systematically. Research findings presented haphazardly with little comment or analysis or coherent conclusions. References inadequate. PowerPoint or Word slides to summarise the research, missing or inadequate.

Assignment Instructions


Your work should be word processed in accordance with the following:

* Font style, Gill Sans MT, font size 12

* 1.5 line s