Ow EICC Coroporte Social Responsibility measureble and sustainable.


Think of a a?working titlea after completing the Research Area section a it should give you ideas

+ author + contact details + applying for: e.g. DBA or PhD in Management AIT School of management

Introduction (1-2 pages MAX)

Describes the area of interest, briefly summarising key aspects to help introduce the reader to the literature and research area/question and the method being applied/suggested.

About the EICC a who developed it, when introduced, how many subscribers, where used, how spread, what companies use it and why

Concept behind code of conduct in this area a what it addresses, how it addresses it, what is required of companies to implement it

Concluding around the effective implementation and use of EICC should bring around and support the introduction, establishment and continuous improvement focus for CSR in an electronics-based organization.

Preliminary Literature review ( 2-3 pages MIN)

Describes some of the sources of literature that confirms the existence, concept, relevancy, scope and issues/challenges of the EICC. It also identified areas where there are gaps in knowledge and understanding (particularly relevant for justifying the research area/question). Demonstrates you ability to research and synthesis the main points a your ability to do PhD research.

Extant (web-based) and academic papers/journals (where possible, I realize you may not get access) around the issues, challenges and application variances (between sectors, countries, companies) for using it .

Also claims ( and counter-claims) that it can provide / lever CSR within a (or a specific type of) company.

Area of Research & research Question (2-3 MAX)

Describes suggested key focus for the research, and should have some linkage to the issues/gaps highlighted from your preliminary literature review.

Describes the unit of analysis for the assessment ( e.g. a company, a sector, and whether this is senior management, operational managers, the compliance/audit specialist team etc. focus (mainly)) This depends on what the literature review threw up as issues/areas of challenge/ gaps and YOUR INTEREST (experience) !

So, what would be your approach also to this area of research a e.g. To conduct case studies (interview based primarily a with document assessment) / or survey of a number of companies (quantitative statistical interest) ? An in-depth study of WD (with comparisons between Thailand and Asia), or harnessing your broader network to look at a set of similar and/or not similar companies..

Highlights examples of what exactly might be the question(s) you want to solve/investigate.

Some students provide hypothesis statements a identified from the literature ,

e.g. H1: EICC systems will make companies have better performance than non EICC system electronic companies

(must be backed by some claim from your research)

Some provide a flowchart-like diagram that illustrates this a not essential, but sometimes useful for demonstrating the use of visual tools to illustrate or describe a phenomena.

You can have a main question with a few sub questions.

From this you would describe what could be an approach to answering this,

40 interviews in one company covering X, Y & Z (,management levels or business units , or area of EICC application)

A Survey of 300 EICC specialists evaluation the areas of implementation, audit compliance and performance across the areas of A, B & C.

Research Plan

Highlights the planning for implementing the research schedule and writing up the thesis. Demonstrates your planning skills and consideration of the resource inputs for different stages.

Sometimes best described in a simple Ghant Chart (Excel chart) a spanning the 4 years a noting Year 1 a course work (but can wotrk up your research proposal), as we have various research development stages (at least annually) with committee members and fellow PhDars.