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Format of the paper: You should follow the format of the APA manual. Your paper should contain the following sections (items): Abstract, Introduction/Background, Results/discussion, Conclusions, and Bibliography (make sure to refer to the appropriate reference in the text of your paper). Please remember that this is intended to be original research. UMUC and I have strict policies on plagiarism. Be sure to properly cite your sources. You should not cite the Cascio or Bennett Alexander texts more than once in your paper and you should be careful about what sources you cite, particularly internet sources which may not be considered scholarly work (e.g wikipedia is not acceptable). Although there is no minimum or maximum, I would expect that you cite at least 2-3 sources for each page of content.
The following is an outline of the various sections that you should include in your paper:
Abstract: Shouldnat be more than a few paragraphs. You will summarize what you have studied, why you have studied this topic (i.e. the importance), what are your major findings, and major conclusions. It is better to write the abstract after you have finished writing the paper (but the abstract should be the first section in your paper). Think of the abstract as an executive summary.
Introduction/Background: Here you will introduce your topic (i.e. what you are studying, why you are studying this topic, what is already known about this topic, what is not known about the topic, etc.). First, you will summarize what is already known about the topic, and then you will guide your readers to the purpose and scope of your study (i.e. what is the knowledge gap). This section shouldnat be more than one to two pages long.
Results/Discussion: Here you present your findings based on either literature search or field data. You explain your observations (i.e. summarize all sides of arguments about your topic) and offer your interpretations (or educated opinion). This section should be about 10 15 pages long and should contain any diagrams and/or charts (if any).
Conclusions: Here you summarize what you have learned or what your major conclusions are about the subject matter. This section shouldnat be more than a paragraph or so long.
Bibliography: This is a very important section of your paper. Here you not only catalogue the resources which you based your study on, but also give your readers an opportunity go read the original sources so that they can make up their own mind about the topic in question. The list of journal articles, books, URL, etc. should be in alphabetical order by last name of the author(s) or the book title followed by the year of publication and the name of publisher. Make sure to cross-refer the bibliography by last name of author(s) and the year in the body of the text of your paper. Published journal articles and books should be your primary sources for bibliography. You can use some Internet sources in the bibliography along with published sources, but the Internet sources have to be authentic (i.e. governmental organizations or known academic institutions). Iad prefer you not use your textbooks for citations but if you do, they should not be used more than once.