Ow en and omen benefit differently from social support networks

In this paper I will argue that men and woman benefit differently from social support networks, by specifically examining the following two factors: Interpersonal relationships (emotional well-being from family and friends) and Instrumental support (physical, caregiving, money, housekeeping and security). Give a brief outline of your paper in the introduction paragraph. Show an understanding of the logical connections between ideas and concepts. Identify the relevance and importance of course material which is all about the book: Pursuing Health and Wellness(by Segall, A. and Fries, C, 2011). Evaluate, analyze and critique course concepts. opinions must be grounded in evidence. Provide evidence in your ability to reflect and see the bigger sociological picture. Your writing should show a thoughtful, systematic and structure to your arguments. Exhibit the ability to effectively interpret academic research and extrapolate the most pertinent discussions for your essay. Times New Roman, 12 font, double space, APA style, proper in-text citations, and reference page. PLEASE INCLUDE FOUR READINGS/CHAPTERS from the Pursuing Health and Wellness book. This book is required to be referenced in the essay to connect sociological concepts. Include 4 additional online peer reviewed journal articles. Connect all concepts to sociology since this is a Sociology of Health and Wellness course. Again, I am titling this essay as how Men and Woman differ from their social support networks. Also include a brief conclusion paragraph. Carefully discuss how both men and woman have social support networks and how they differ from them. Therefore, with this required book and 4 other journal articles, there is a total of 5 required sources within the paper.