Ow equipped is civilisation in coping with the impending loss of fossil fuels?

Good afternoon,

I have recently completed my 5th and final year on my degree course for Construction Quantity Surveying BSC (hons) which I undertook on day release from my employers.

I recently received my provisional results which has seen me pass 8 out of the 10 Level 6 modules I have sat which would gain me a good pass. However, the one in which I have failed on is my dissertation (or Comprehensive Study Project as it has been re-named). This was a 7,000 word piece (6,000 for the paper and a 1,000 reflective piece) which I crammed into a few weeks and in the end showed the obvious results, a fail!

My re-submission is due in next Friday (16th July) and needs amending to gain a minimum of 40% which will then be capped.

I attach my previous attempt which contains notes and comments from my module tutor. Ideally, I would like this paper to be re-edited in places to a standard that will ensure I receive a pass (capped at 40%).

The topic was to do with dealing with the impending loss of fossil fuels and how the environment will be able to cope with using renewable energy sources as an alternative.

If you could come back to me in the near future, it would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Richard Taylor