Ow Ethnicity, gender and culture are linked with aging

Review of the Literature

It is important to understand how to identify specific research journal articles about different topics. For this assignment, you should locate a scholarly peer review journal article surrounding any of the topics discussed in your book and write a 2 page synopsis of that article following the terms listed below:

Research Question/Problem
a? What was the research question/problem and was it stated clearly near the beginning of the article
a? What is the purpose of the study
a? What is the hypothesis

a? What type of study was it (e.g. longitudinal, cross sectional, etc.)
a? Did the choice of methodology appear to be the best to address research question/problem and was it explained in detail
a? Was the population identified as well as how the researcher(s) selected the population
a? How was data collected (i.e. Surveys, Observations, Test, or Interview, etc.)

a? Were the results clearly explained
a? Did the results address the research question/problem
a? Were there any gaps identified in the literature
a? Were there any limitations to the study

a? How well were the results discussed
a? Were there any recommendations for further study or research